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John Brennan & The Bigfeet

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Earlier this year, Joe Bob Briggs, America's favorite - and possibly only - drive-in movie critic, made his triumphant return to television with Shudder's The Last Drive-In. Guess what? He's here to stay. As a tribute to Joe Bob Briggs, Ship To Shore PhonoCo. is proud to offer the theme from The Last Drive-In, "Joe Bob Is Back In Town," by John Brennan & The Bigfeet as a limited edition 45 RPM record. 

Limited to 500 copies, our Joe Bob Is Back In Town 45 and has been pressed on blood-red wax, with a color picture sleeve featuring Justin Osbourn's artwork, seen previously on Fright Rags' "Joe Bob's Last Drive-In T-Shirt." On the flip side of the 45 is the charming, acoustic version of the show's theme, featured during the end credits of July's original marathon. 

As an added bonus, Ship To Shore PhonoCo. is offering a limited edition cassette tape of John Brennan's solo material as a bundle with the 45. John Brennan's Celebrated Standards features such audience favorites as "The Cokehead in 103," "Road Rage" and "The Silence of the Ducks" (featured in Troma's latest release Return to Nuke 'Em High: Volume 2, directed by Lloyd Kaufman). Both the 45 and the cassette come with MP3 downloads!

Note: If you order the 45/Cassette bundle, it is considered a pre-order as cassettes will not ship until next week. 


Joe Bob Is Back In Town (Theme From 'The Last Drive-In' With Joe Bob Briggs)


Joe Bob Is Back In Town (Acoustic Version)

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