$25.00 - Celeste: Farewell
Lena Raine

CELESTE: FAREWELL will ship in late October 2019.

Ship to Shore PhonoCo. is proud to present the soundtrack to the long awaited final chapter of CelesteCeleste: Farewell. Going beyond the themes and motifs of the original Celeste soundtrack, Farewell takes listeners on a final trip through Celeste Mountain. 

Featuring new artwork by Nina Matsumoto, Celeste: Farewell is available on STS exclusive clear vinyl with blue, pink and purple splatter.

Also available on clear vinyl and cassette tape.



1. The Empty Space Above
2. Fear of the Unknown
3. Joy of Remembrance
4. In Stasis
5. Crash
6. Beyond the Heart


1. Final Defiance
2. Futility
3. Reconciliation
4. Farewell
5. The Woman and the Bird
6. Vovô e Vovò
7. wavedash.ppt

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