$17.00 - Basket Case 2/FrankenHooker
Joe Renzetti

Ship to Shore PhonoCo. is proud to present the first ever vinyl release of Joe Renzetti’s scores to Frank Henenlotter’s Basket Case 2 and FrankenHooker. Basket Case 2 found Henelotter creating a sequel to his now classic 1982 gross-out, with the “freak twins” Duane and Belial back out on the prowl, but also looking for love and acceptance. FrankenHooker is Henenlotter’s riff on the classic Frankenstein story, with Jeffery Franken, memorably played by James Lorinz, resurrecting his dead love Elizabeth using pieces of the women who walk 42nd street. Scoring duties on these two films were given to Oscar-winning composer Joe Renzetti, a familiar name to horror fans who know and love his scores to Child’s Play and Dead & Buried. Instead of going for the obvious, campy approach, Renzetti plays it straight, letting his moody, sometimes unsettling music act as counterpoint to the absurd on screen happenings. Featuring reversible cover art by Cleveland comic-book legend John G, extensive liner notes by Renzetti and a completely remastered score supervised by the composer, this is a release that is not to be missed by fans.

Limited to 1000 copies worldwide. 500 on opaque “FrankenHooker” purple 500 on red/black “Bloody Basket Case 2”

SIDE A (Basket Case 2)

1. In and Out of the Hospital
2. Room of Memories/The Nursery
3. Granny Visits the Freakshow
4. Photographer Killed by the Freaks
5. Freaks and Granny at the Barbecue
6. Susan to Duane: "I'm Pregnant!"
7. Find Duane! Chase Him Down!

SIDE B (Frankenhooker) 

1. The Eyeball/Happy Day and Mom
2. Main Titles/Jeffery Redesigns Elizabeth
3. Jeffery and Parts/Dinner
4. Lookin' for Hookers
5. The Creation/"It's Time"
6. Elizabeth Kills Her John
7. Elizabeth Comes Back to Life/Jeffery Loses His Head
8. Zoro Killing/The Pimp Is Dead

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