What Songs Can I Listen To This Valentine's Day If I'm Single Or Simply Bitter?

A Date With A Record: Redux! Mark Finch returns to his "What do you do if you don't actually like Valentine's Day?" question posed last year with a digital mixtape playlist to help you get through this bafflingly awful time of year.

Best Record Shops in Little Five Points, Atlanta

We recently visited the best record shops in Little Five Points, Atlanta, Georgia!

Top Musical Moments Of Once Upon a Time in... Hollywood

Justin Martell of Ship To Shore PhonoCo. gives his top 5 musical moments of Quentin Tarantino's latest film "Once Upon a Time in... Hollywood."

2018 In Music: Part II

Mark Anthony Finch continues to take a look back at some of the albums - good and bad - which seeped into his earholes in 2018...

A Date With A Record - Happy Valentine's Day!

What do you do if you don't actually like Valentine's Day? Mark Finch has a music selection to help you get through the night...

Joe Bob Briggs, Celebrated Standards And Poopin' All Day Long...

John Brennan - master of poopin' and musical extraordinaire - uses the medium of blogging to introduce himself to a whole new wave of fandom...

2018 In Music: Part I

Ship To Shore PhonoCo.'s Media Officer Mark Anthony Finch takes a look back at some of the music releases which made an impact on him in 2018, whether for the best or worst...

The Sound And The Fury: A Mini-Doc On Composing The Soundtrack To Troma's War

In our brand-new mini-documentary, The Sound And The Fury: Composing Troma's War, composer Chris DeMarco shares with us the entire behind-the-scenes story of his iconic soundtrack to Troma's War.

Paul Williams "thrilled" by Ship to Shore PhonoCo's 'Someday Man' Reissue!

A short blog on re-issuing the seminal Paul Williams & Roger Nichols album 'Someday Man' on vinyl - making it the first re-issue on wax in the U.S. since its debut in 1970 - has provoked a number of positive responses, not least from Williams himself…

A Small Guide to 1980's Japanese Video Game Music on Vinyl

The trend of Japanese video game music on vinyl is not a recent phenomenon. Frederik "Blipblop" Lauridsen takes a trip back to the 80's and looks at some of the releases available at that time...

Unboxing Boxler: The History of Tiny Tim's Only Spoken Word Album

Ship to Shore PhonoCo-founder and Tiny Tim biographer Justin Martell speaks with Bucks Burnett about how his friendship with the Boxlers began, how Tiny Tim got involved, and some theories about who exactly were the mysterious Boxlers.

Not Bitter, But Sweet: Revisiting The Holy Mackerel

Singer-Songwriter Paul Williams reminisces on his 1968 debut, The Holy Mackerel, along with his friend and fan Richard Barone. These notes were originally published in the printed insert of Ship To Shore PhonoCo's 2016 re-issue of The Holy Mackerel.

Have Records Become Too Mainstream?

Ship to Shore's Mark Finch explores the musical question: Have records become too mainstream?

The MOTHER Generation

Chris Kohler, Kotaku Features Editor and MOTHER superfan, looks back at the game that started it all. These liner notes were originally published in the Kickstarter exclusive booklet that accompanied the Ship to Shore PhonoCo release of the MOTHER soundtrack.

Facing the Sea of Darkness: Beyond Fabio Frizzi's NYC Debut

STSPC Media Officer Mark Finch covers our presentation of Italian horror composer Fabio Frizzi in his New York City debut at the Music Hall of Williamsburg in October, 2017